​JEAN MARIE, stage name of Jean Marie Carrabba (Albano Laziale, 20 November 1982),is a DJ, Producer, Songwriter Italian with French ancestry. The music of JEAN MARIE from DJ to producer ranges from EDM to TRAP, passing through BOUNCE, PSY TRANCE, BIGROOM and POP, in such a way as to connote him as a multi-functional artist. His career began in some clubs and in the best afterhours in London where between 2002 and 2005 he went into the console for his first sets. From that moment his performances allow him to be appreciated and lead him to his first full time dj residence in Palma de Mallorca, an island in which he moved in 2006 and began to compose. For the drafting and post production of his songs JEAN MARIE uses countless PRO-category studios located in various parts of the globe. In recent years as a DJ has had the opportunity to work on the reputed stages among the most important in the world as - for example - those of the Space of Ibiza and the Ultra Music Festival. His productions are signed by some of the best brands in the world record industry: Sony Music, Warner Music, Blanco y Negro and Universal Music. For many years his attention has focused mainly on his own production. The first official release dates back to 2007. In 2012 he published the first piece he wrote and entirely directed: Otherside.

The activity as a producer boasts the collaboration of world-renowned artists, interpreters of different musical genres, which well reflect the polyphony of his music. In 2016 he developed a song that combines different genres and musical qualities in pleasing harmony. This is the single Basketball, interpreted vocally by two undisputed singers: the American star Flo Rida and the queen of Spanish pop Marta Sánchez.

JEAN MARIE presents in March 2017 for the first time live Basketball on the LIVE STAGE of the Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Also in 2017, Moonlight Fiesta is on production, written, composed and recorded in the same year and published in the spring of 2018. For this song JEAN MARIE uses the voice of the international star Sean Paul. This lively period sees other songs in progress: We Will Rock You, Pirates Of The Club, Whole Lotta Bounce. All the productions signed JEAN MARIE have enticed his followers to millions of streaming and tens of thousands of downloads, got the support of the best radio on a world scale and DJs of the DJ Mag-Top 100 as Nicky Romero and Timmy Trumpet.


Thanks to the appreciation gained in recent years, JEAN MARIE has had the opportunity to perform from Ibiza to Miami, from the United States to Croatia, from Spain to India, and so in England, Sweden, Holland, Malta, Switzerland and France, as well as in the best Italian clubs. From 2008 to today he had the opportunity to share the console and the stage during the most popular events in both Italian and world scene with Top Djs of the caliber of Hardwell, Nervo, Quintino, Carl Cox, Khsmr, to name just a few. In 2017 JEAN MARIE was the only Italian act to represent the EDM at the ULTRA MUSIC FESTIFAL of Miami and became part of the small group of Italians who performed during the festival. As said on that occasion his performance was on the LIVE STAGE accompanied by the beautiful live voice of pop star Marta Sanchez. Subsequently, just after four months, in July 2017 he is the protagonist of ULTRA EUROPE in Croatia. During this last festival, he has been in consoles for 2 times. In one he performs during his own set on the UFM STAGE, in the other he is hosted on the MAIN STAGE for 15 minutes. JEAN MARIE has been HeadLiner in various festivals: Spring Break in Croatia, Snow Break at Sestriere. Thanks to his music JEAN MARIE performs in the most titled clubs in the world and many of them in the Top 100 of the world ranking Dj Mag and so, for example, in the summer of 2008 at the Space of Ibiza in the historic party Revolution of Tuesday by Carl Cox.

JEAN MARIE has performed in many clubs including the Ministry Of Sound (London),Alcatraz (Milan),Pacha and BCM (Palma de Mallorca),HyLife (Hyderabad),Magazzini Generali (Milan),Café del Mar (Barcelona),Bora Bora (Ibiza),Follie's Pigalle (Paris),Nikki Beach (Miami). Once off the stage and from the studio, JEAN MARIE spends part of his time traveling between Milan, Pune, Orlando, Zurich, Rome, New York, Bucharest, passing from Miami to attend the Miami Music Week and Amsterdam for the Ade. In 2017 he is the protagonist of his first Indian Tour. In this wonderful land, where he brought his music and was in turn affected by the rhythms of this country, has the opportunity to perform in different clubs located in different cities, such as UNWIND (Pune),Club Naila (in Pink Jaipur) and HYLIFE (in Hyderabad).

The productions signed JEAN MARIE boast the support of many world-famous DJs, who have used his songs both in their live-set and in their radio shows and official podcasts. Many of them are real pillars of modern electronic music: Nicky Romero, Chukie, Timmy Trumpet, Blasterjaxx and Cedric Gervais.

The tracks of JEAN MARIE are supported by the best global radio stations: BBC RADIO1, LOS40, IBIZA GLOBAL RADIO and its name appears in many of the most relevant playlists on Spotify and in countless CD compilations. He has collected two n ° 1 in the Spinnin Talent Pool and well over ten times the No. 1 in the iTunes charts in different countries. He entered the Top.10 Main-Chart of Itunes several times next to the best pop music giants.


Jean Marie & MYKRIS presenting "Moonlight Fiesta" ft Sean Paul on the Main Stage at Ultra Miami 2018

As soon he headed back from Miami Ultra 2018, where he first performed on "The Arrival Stage" and then presented his new song on the legendary "Main Stage", we had the chance to sit down with him for an exclusive interview!

Can you take us inside the production process and share some insight about your inspiration/sketch, songwriting, and key elements of your music ?

I admit that I spend a lot of time in various production studies, it is an activity that I love because it is stimulating. The first phase of a creative project I do like "the old way": paper, pen and ideas. Once the idea has taken shape, I write the first drafts of the piece with the piano and at the same time I research the sounds and the instruments to be used. So the construction of a song is made of continuous listening and corrections, until you feel that shiver that suggests that the song is ready. The inspiration for my works derives and represents what I am: a traveler always looking for new places that tell me new sounds, but above all passion for what I do is my love for the life!

You’ve recently collaborated with Flo Rida. Which collab of yours has been your favorite and why? Who is one artist you still hope to work with one day?

The collaboration with Flo Rida and pop singer Marta Sanchez is very important because thanks to the song Basketball I managed to get to the stage of the Ultra Music Festival in Miami for the very first time last march 2017 and make me known. I can say that the most performing project of my career is my brand new , still unreleased single: Moonlight Fiesta featuring Sean Paul (the track will be released worldwide next may). One day I hope to: use the fantastic voice of Michael Jackson, make a record with Katy Perry and collaborate with the Major Lazer.

This year you’ve enjoyed an incredible run of shows worldwide, so what have been some highlights and why?

Yes, I am super satisfied with the work I have done during the past year. It all started with my first participation at the Ultra Music Festival and after a few months at Ultra Europe. I have participated in various festivals and many dates in many clubs around the world. I can not but mention the fantastic tour in India.

I admit with pride that every event represented a moment of growth but above all of professional improvement, always trying to add something to my performance and / or to me as an artist.

What has you excited for 2018? What are two goals you guys hope to achieve next year?

For this 2018/2019 I have a strong desire to get on the stage of the sunburn festival in india, I would like to make a big collaboration maybe with some colleague I admire as for example Timmy Trumpet or David Guetta. I want to continue to travel the world and grow both as an artist as a person!

If you would choose up to 5 songs, which track would you play most in your recent sets?

My most recent sets are 4 shows at Miami Music Week, one of which at the Ultra Music Festival 2018, both in Miami and in the last months in other parts of the world, I use about 100 tracks. Many of these are my personal Edits or various mashups that are not yet in circulation and several of my unpublished ones in the test phase. The 5 original trak that I love the most during my Live are:





- SPACE JAM / MAKJ & Michael Sparks ft. Fatman Scoop

Please leave a message for your fans in Asia!

During my first India tour I was lucky enough to know a part of this fascinating country but above all to make new friends. The experience in India was special, the kind people and the crowd at the events charged. The message for my fans is: "In May I'll be back for the new Asian tour so get ready to dance and have fun together!"

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